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Fundraising enables us to support initiatives and activities for Ranch Park students. Please see Fundraising Goals for more information.

If you prefer to simply donate to the PAC we are very appreciative of your generosity.  You can donate any amount directly to the PAC or send a family donation through the school. Donations to the school are eligible for a tax receipt.

Have any other ideas for Fundraising?  Please email rpexecutive@ranchparkpac.ca

Thank you for your support!

Below are some easy ways to fundraise for the school.

Cobbs Bread Dough Raiser Program – Sunwood Square
Fresh bread tastes even better when you know it’s helping raise money for our school. The next time you make a purchase at the Cobbs Bread located at Sunwood Square, make sure to mention Ranch Park Elementary and they will donate a percentage of your purchase back to the school. The more people who buy, the more money we’ll raise.

Return-it Bottle Depot – 511 Blue Mountain Street (behind the Austin Tim Hortons)
A one-stop shop for returning your empties and all proceeds will go towards Ranch Park Elementary. Please mention code 154 when using this service.

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